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Minnesota Chinese Opera,

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   Thank you for visiting Minnesota Chinese Opera. MCO is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (Support Us), and is composed of Chinese opera fans, amateur performers, professionals and friends around the Twin Cities, surrounding communities and China. MCO is called 北美曲苑 (bei mei qu yuan) in Chinese and was formed by a group of Peking Opera fans in the Fall of 2007 after Peking Opera Master Hu Zhifeng visited the Twin Cities. Our goal is, by having a regular meeting time and place, organizing and participating community show events, to provide a platform for fans and friends to enjoy and learn Chinese Opera and serve as a gateway or bridge to engage the local communities to understand Chinese culture in a deeper way. Membership of MCO is voluntary, including those who donate a minimal fee to make the rental place available for regular activity and those who simply come to enjoy with friends and listen to Chinese Opera. Regardless of membership, everyone is welcome to participate and enjoy Chinese Opera with us.  


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